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We customize each and every saddle to each individual horse, and each individual rider. From the lengthening or shortening of the fenders, customizing the twist or rise of the seat to custom color combinations, if you dream it, we can probably build it!

At Natural Solutions in partnership with Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles, our saddles are built exclusively one at a time, put together by one set of hands. Quality control is held to the strictest standards! By offering over ten different saddle tree” bars”, and being able to offer them in a variety of widths, Your hard to fit horse may become not so difficult after all! Also, we give you the individual attention to your needs as a rider. Whether you are interested in a particular styling, an extra degree of comfort, or security in the saddle is your priority, we work directly with you to insure your needs are met. We take great pride in putting only top quality materials into our saddles. Each saddle is built with the Amish craftsmanship everyone loves, right here in the USA. Our saddles are not stapled together as large production line saddles are. They are hand assembled with the highest quality hardware. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality custom product at a production price.  Click here to view our entire collection of products.Thank you so much for looking, and HAPPY TRAILS!!!