Howdy All!

First let me say… Thanks for stopping by and please take a look around.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been in the horse world for 20+ years. I have been blessed in that I have been able to seek out and learn from horsemen and horsewomen who have challenged and inspired me.

I was a city boy completely clueless when it came to horses, but I got a horse anyway. I had a friend suggest I check out a gentleman by the name of Pat Parelli. This was my first blessing and completely changed my mindset. I was then able to meet and ride with many incredible horsemen. There is no way I can name them all, but the two who have made the greatest impact on my life are Ray Hunt and Lee Smith. I was honored to be able to ride in a Ray Hunt clinic out at Mark and Lee Smith's ranch just prior to Ray passing on. It was an experience I will never forget. Lee Smith has been a friend and has inspired me for twenty years-scary to think it has been that long. If you ever get the chance to see or ride with Lee Smith, do not hesitate.

Now, when you have a horse, you have certain responsibilities to keep your horse happy and healthy. This includes hoof care, dentistry, and nutrition. Again, I was clueless, so I did what everyone else does - I called a farrier and had my horse shod. Soon after, I heard of "Bergy" Bergeleen which started my quest that eventually led me into “barefoot hoof-care”. Bergy also explained the difference and advantage of having an Equine Dentist work on my horses teeth vs. having a simple float done. I was then introduced to Regan Golab and Judy Sinner who taught me about nutrition and supplements - not all supplements are created equal and some can actually harm. I was again blessed to be able to take a course with Regan and study applied kinesiology along with muscle manipulation and acupressure.

I had always known that a saddle that doesn't fit will make you and your horse very unhappy. I learned this early on by riding in poor-fitting saddle and promptly getting bucked off because it was hurting my horse. Now, it was a nice quality built saddle, but it just didn't fit. Recently, a friend bought herself a horse and asked me to help her find a saddle and again I was blessed to find this small company making custom saddles that are fit for your horse and you. I was so impressed with the saddles and the company that I have become a distributor.

So, I honestly believe I have been blessed and inspired in so many ways and I would love to pass on this information to you.

Please take a tour of my website, visiting each of the pages.  Thank you!