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Meet Archie



Howdy All

We all have met people or experienced situations that challenge us to be better. Well, I met Archie, an 11yo Arabian Stallion, he had minimal handling and no use or desire for human contact. At first working with him was fairly status quo. I knew patience was going to be key, but I had no idea how much patience it was going to take. Archie’s conviction to his belief that people are far less interesting then everything else was intense and tested my patience. He would focus on me for only moments at a time. However after a few sessions I was able to see a change happening, watching him think and learn to relax, to be haltered, etc was very rewarding. After a few more sessions I could work with him online or liberty, he was accepting of ropes and flags. I felt we were progressing quite nicely since the clients’ goal was for him to be “halter broke”.


After seeing the progress we were making she asked if he could ever be ridden. I said well let me go get my saddle and we can work on saddling. Now I honestly expected it to go as it had with every other horse I have started under saddle, I was so wrong. Again Archie had a lesson for me, not only testing patience but my conviction. Would I give up? You see Archie had spent 11 years forming a belief system and for me to change that belief is going to take time and patience.


I am thankful everyday that I am allowed to work with horses, and for the lessons they teach us. It always seems as if when we get to a place where we are comfortable, a new challenge, a new lesson presents itself and how we respond determines who we are.


Thank you, Archie for teaching me while I teach you!


Wes Clouse


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