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Howdy All!


Time for Part 2 in my 3-Rules series – “Stay Relaxed”.


Whether you are interacting with your horse on the ground or in the saddle, it is our job to be relaxed.


Horses are, by design, keenly aware, some may even say empathetic. They know when you are sad, happy, anxious, and angry. Sadly, many people and trainers treat their horses as they would a tool... without emotion, without feel.
We have all heard, Heals down, Shoulders back, elbows at 30', push 'em into the bit, etc. Our bodies get tight and tense trying to maintain this "proper" riding posture. When you are relaxed, you are able to feel much more than when your body is tense. You are able to ride from your core, let your legs relax, and relax your hands. Learn to feel your horse move, feel his rib-cage sway side to side at a walk. Let your hands feel for your horse. Ask yourself - if your hands hurt after riding, just think what your horse’s mouth feels like. I have seen it in every clinic I have observed or participated in - as a student is nervous and tense, so their horse is nervous and tense. The moment they relax, so does the horse. So, Stay Safe, Stay Relaxed, and Have Fun.