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Howdy All!


I have 3 Simple Rules when it comes to Horsemanship...Stay Safe, Stay Relaxed, and Have Fun.


I will be covering each of these rules over the next few posts. For this post, let’s address "Stay Safe".


We have all seen cute cartoons, scary pictures, and videos showing people doing things that just aren't safe.


Sadly, people are injured every day because they we are in a hurry, get lazy, or in many cases, just didn't know any better. A horse can be your best friend. However, we must respect the fact they even unintentionally can hurt us. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us as the human to be smart. Think before you do... don't just assume it’s gonna be OK. How many times have you or have you seen someone mount their horse and the horse starts walking off before they finish mounting? Wouldn't it be safer to teach your horse to stand still for mounting? I know accidents happen, but with just a little bit of common sense and technique, we can be safer around our equine partners.